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The Best Selling Vanities

When you're looking for bathroom vanities for your bath or powder room, check out the best sellers. You could choose from antique, decorative, contemporary, or modern styles. The easiest way to know which is best is to check out a vanity review.

What Style of Vanity?

How many bathroom vanities have you looked at online or in magazines and admired their beauty? Now you can add these styles to your bathroom! The first question is what style of vanity do you want.

Should you choose from Vanity Sets, Tables, Tops, or Sink Vanities? You should also know whether you want a corner, single, or double sink bathroom vanity.

Double Sink Vanity Natural Material

Large luxury bathrooms are gaining popularity. Both contemporary and traditional vanities are showing up in some of the most elegant homes.

Jacuzzi tubs, wall-less showers and dressing areas cause designers to enlarge exiting spaces and create new bathrooms that are spacious and comfortable.

The double sink vanity continues this trend of bathroom elegance.

Do you love the dark look that you see in bathrooms in the upscale home magazines? How about the boldness of chrome on dark wood?

If you think bathroom designs are limited and boring, think again. If you’re planning a bathroom renovation, you will be amazed at all the new and exciting styles available.

Maybe the most exciting recent innovation is the diverse variety of petite cabinets with glass vessel sinks. These contemporary vanities offer a fresh angle to designs that infuse a light and airy feel into even the smallest spaces.

If you're a Brand seeker, then DecoLav has an impressive collection of contemporary bathroom fixtures. The companies first line of bathroom sink basins began with their translucence collection. They feature a variety of glass vessels in many styles and colors.

DecoLav has the patented 9400-Tempered Glass Faucet Stand which is available in colors to match their translucence vessels.

DecoLav has also developed a line of decorative accessories that compliment their Translucence Collection which includes the patented 9031 Drain with mounting system and a wide array of drains, mounting rings and bottle traps.

Pegasus Laguna 23” Vanity Combo is another Brand to consider when searching for bathroom vanities.

The Pegasus Laguna 23” bathroom vanity has a compact cabinet perfect for small spaces. The sweet 23” cabinet features a rounded front and a cherry finish.

The vanity is off the floor and has an intricate wood grain pattern on the front and sides.

The cabinet has a single curved door that opens into a large storage space. The simple design adds energy to small bathrooms and a quiet sense of style.

The bathroom vanity includes a white china sink with a curved front with 8” faucet holes. The Faucet is not included but can be ordered on line. The compact design allows you to enjoy a large single sink that’s easy to maintain and keep looking great.

The Combo is complete with a matching mirror with curved top and straight bottom. The mirror echoes the petite shape and smart lines of the china sink and wooden cabinet.

The vanity mirror is simple and perfect for both traditional and contemporary homes. The Pegasus Laguna 23” Vanity Combo can also come out of the bathroom and fit nicely as an extra sink or outside a small bathroom to extend your decorating options into another bedroom.

So, whether you're decorating a powder room, a hall bathroom or a master bathroom, your choice of vanity should be one that's well thought out.

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The double sink vanity continues the trend for large luxury bathrooms and it's gaining in popularity. Both contemporary and traditional designs are showing up in some of the most elegant homes.
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Small Bathroom Vanities
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